Sprirosoma Pearl Earrings

Christina Grace


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Asymmetrical one of a kind Spirosoma pearl earrings made of sterling and freshwater pearls. Approximately 2.25" in length and .75" in width and lightweight. 

Christina Grace of Tin Haus has created a one of a kind Deck of Life Capsule collection created for Built To Last was drawn from the shuffling of tarot cards that revealed themselves by chance as if it were meant to be. Each piece of jewelry was created with the intention that it will speak to those who aspire to be in harmony with their lives and discover their innate power through the energy of intent and haling crystals. 

These one of a a kind earrings are on view as a part of "Built to Last", an exhibition featuring artists that use sustainable and ethically sourced materials. CLICK HERE to view the rest of the work from the exhibition.                         

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