Silver and Pearl Necklace and Brooch

So Young Park


Elegant statement necklace from So Young Park. The pendant can be removed from a multistrand chain and worn as a brooch.

A circular silver pendant features many traditional metalsmithing techniques including forming, engraving, Korean "Keum-boo" gold embellishments, hand set pearls and free moving silver wire pistils. This tiny universe is a true work of art. 

Pendant/Brooch: 1.9" wide

Silver, 24k gold leaf, freshwater pearls

The necklace is made of 5 oxidized silver chains in 2 sizes with a 3" extender and lobster claw clasp
Min length 15.5" 
Max length 18.5"

Signed by the artist

So Young Park is a South Korean artist living and working in the US. Park has found the seaside village of her childhood to be an endless source of inspiration for her masterful organic designs. Using various traditional metal smithing techniques, her works exude desire, hope and the power of life. Park has been featured at SOFA Chicago, SOFA New York and in the Lark Books, 1000 Rings, 500 Brooches, and 500 Gemstone Jewelry among others.

"From These Hands" Jun 2 - Aug 7 2022 Summer Exhibition featured Artist 

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