2020 Raffle Guidelines

Three lucky winners will receive handmade pieces from our collection!

There are many ways to apply! Each entry will enter your name an additional time with a maximum amount of 12 entries!  THE DEADLINE IS JANUARY 5th, 2020.
        See how to enter below:       
1. Email, text, or tag us in a photo of a piece of jewelry from Pistachios in your collection! This piece can be worn, standing alone, or the packaging it came in! Email: info@pistachiosonline.com | Text: (312) 929-6575 Tag: instagram @pistachiosjewelry | *Limit one photo per applicant
2. Review us on Yelp! *Limit one Yelp review per applicant
3. Review us on Google! *Limit one Google review per applicant
4. Tag two friends in a comment on any of our instagram posts! Each comment must be on a different post, with two different friends. *Limit five comments per applicant
5. Post a photo of jewelry purchased at Pistachios on our Google Business page! *Limit 4 photos per applicant
You must submit a photo (item #1) to be eligible for the other modes of entry. Limit 12 entries per applicant, must submit photo to before entering via other modes. By submitting a photo you agree to the possibility it may be reposted by the official Pistachios Instagram