Fluid Structures brings together new work by three artists whose practices strive to bring the materiality and design of the built environment to the wearable. Citing the graphic influences of modernism, minimalism, and urban topographies in their work, these artists explore the confluence of traditional jewelry making methodologies and contemporary jewelry design. 
Opening Reception: June 6, 5PM - 8PM
Show Run: June 6th - August 22nd 2019 

More About The Artists

Caitie Sellers 

"I am fascinated with the hidden workings of cities -- beautiful, efficient design that is hidden beneath pavement and brick. Using transparent mesh allows me to show both the outer skin and the guts of the place." 


Francesca Vitali 

"My art aims to achieve body adornment through folded and woven paper rather than relying on gemstones or precious materials. This concept strives to link the humble nature of paper with notions of preciousness." 


Heather Guidero 

"Settling in at my bench and picking up my favorite antique files is as natural and reflexive as breathing. There's something comforting about the feel of my favorite tools in hand and being able to turn a sheet of metal or a length of wire into piece of jewelry that will be treasured and worn on a regular basis."