7 Stone Splash Nail Bracelet

Pat Flynn


Pat Flynn is a collector's must-have. His revolutionary 'nailhead' bracelets catch the eye and stand strong through generations. All components of his pieces are made by hand, including the hinges which are a perfect showcasing of his craftsmanship. His bracelets are commonly worn in stacks, either with other Flynn work or other black and gold bracelets although they pair nicely in any combination.

Inquire for special orders and for pricing. 

Material: 7 Diamonds and 22k Gold bracelet hand forged with Iron.
Size: Pat's bracelets average at a 7.5" inner diameter, and can be special ordered at different sizes. 

Contact us through text/call at (312) 929-6575 or email at info@pistachiosonline.com for inquiries. 

*Please note, this listing is for the '7 Stone Splash' bracelet. Additional images are provided to demonstrate bracelet stacking and hinge operation. 

This item is a special order and will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive