Biba Schutz - 'Blooming Necklace'

Plan B Art Project


Piece for 'Plan B Art Project' by Biba Schutz

Materials: Oxidized Sterling Silver Pendant

Dimensions: 2" x 1.5" x 0.75" 18" Chain

About the artist:

"I make objects for the body, creating a place of mystery, dimension, fluidity and intrigue.  I like to travel to and through my work and hope the things that interest me will interest and seduce the wearer/collector.

I am attracted to the challenge of materials and processes to create work that investigates the body.  My jewelry is influenced by history, my memory, experiences and environment.  My environment is urban - in the city of glass and concrete I explore space, shadows and nature.  I am an observer -  walking and public transportation is my library.  

Through the structure of jewelry and adornment I want to tease our senses,  create awareness of our bodies and encourage communication."