"Digging Heels" Sculpture

Jessica Calderwood


With a surrealistic feel, Calderwood's sculptures use forms "to block out, cover, and hide parts of the human form. It becomes a negation, a censoring, or denial of what lies beneath. These anthropomorphic beings appear at once, powerful and powerless, beautiful and absurd, inflated, and amputated. Working in a miniature scale can allow the viewer to access the work with empathy, but also with dominance."

Materials: Copper, enamel, hand-blown glass, porcelain, glass pins, milk paint

Size: Approximately 12" in length, 6" in width and 4" in height

This piece is featured in our Summer 2023 exhibition, Between Realms, which celebrates three artists that utilize dreamlike, representational imagery in their work. To see the entire exhibition, click here