Enamel Line Pendant

Tanya Crane


Long pendant is handmade of enamel on copper with a sterling silver chain. The design on the pendant is hand drawn through a scratch away technique on the enamel called sgraffito. It is then fired in a kiln and finished with a complementing glossy and matte finish for added texture. The necklace is long enough for the chain to be wrapped around the neck for the chain to act as a choker and the pendant to be shortened. No clasp necessary on this chain for it to be easily slipped on and off. 

Approximately 32" in length while pendant is 5/8" in width and 1.75" in length.   

This necklace is on view as a part of "Timeless Cure", an exhibition featuring artists that are using a timeless craft to create contemporary pieces that connect materials through centuries. Enamel is a technique dating back to the 18th century. It is powdered glass that is fired on sterling silver or copper in a kiln that cures to a solid glossy or matte finish on the surface of the metal. CLICK HERE to view the rest of the work from the exhibition.