Francesca Vitali - 'Hanger'

Plan B Art Project


Piece for 'Plan B Art Project' by Francesca Vitali

Hand-crafted and coated with acrylic medium for durability.

Materials: paper, acrylic medium, stainless steel, nylon thread

Pendant Dimensions: 2" in length, 3" in width

About the artist: 

"Francesca strives to transform paper, a humble and ordinary material, into precious objects of unique and modern design. Paper affects everyday life continuously and in multiple forms: magazines, maps, shopping bags, etc. therefore she enjoys the idea that fragments of our lives will remain trapped in her paper jewelry. Francesca earned her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Besides her passion for science, she has worked with paper since she was a little child in Italy, but it was only when she moved in US that she decided to take a leap of faith and left her science carrier to begin making jewelry using paper full time. She has been showing her work ever since in the most prestigious shows all over the country."