Luana Coonen - 'Poison or Protection?'

Plan B Art Project


Piece for 'Plan B Art Project' by Luana Coonen

Materials: Sterling silver, 14k Gold, 18k Gold, Wyoming Ruby

Dimensions: 1.5" H x 1" W x 0.5" D
Chain Length: 22"

About the artist:

Luana was born and raised in Hawaii, raised by an artist mother and carpenter father (both horticulturist), she lived a simple and creative life surrounded by the tropical rainforest. Upon moving to the Bay Area to earn her BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing, she quickly noticed the dramatic contrast of a densely populated city to the lush tropics of Hawaii. This shocked her into realizing her strong affiliation with nature and organic growth patterns. She expresses her deep and abiding love of nature’s tiniest wonders through her artwork, finding ways to amplify the beauty of simple natural objects and to bring attention to our emotions. This is reinforced by her passion to use found objects and renewable materials. Luana now enjoys a life close to nature living in a small town on Colorados’ Western Slope.

Her work has been covered by the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous trade publications including MJSA, Lapidary Journal, and Craft Magazine. Luana’s work has been featured in movies and shows, including worn by Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Ray. She has exhibited internationally and participated in many prestigious shows across the US including American Craft Council and Melee shows. Luana is a two-time recipient of the Niche award.