Thomas Mann - 'Vessel'

Plan B Art Project


Piece for 'Plan B Art Project' by Thomas Mann

Materials: Carved Micarta, Acrylic, Bronze, Steel, Sterling Silver, Found Objects

Signed by the Artist

Dimensions: 6" H x 2.25" W x 0.5" D

About the artist:

Thomas Mann has been in the vanguard of American art jewelry design for nearly five decades. His compositions were among the first to focus not on the intrinsic value of precious metals and gemstones, but rather the idea and content. Following the collage/assemblage strategies of early-20th-century sculptors, he combines silver and non-precious metal elements with plastics and found objects. His distinctive wearable pieces - "jewelry objects," as he likes to call them - and his sculpture have been included in national and international traveling art exhibitions; collected by art museums; sold in shops, galleries and museum stores; written about; and worn by proud collectors.