About Our Video Chat Appointments and Private Gallery Tours

November 09, 2020

About Our Video Chat Appointments and Private Gallery Tours-Pistachios

Did you know that we offer Video Chat Appointments AND Private Tours of our gallery? Both of which ensure absolute safety of clients and staff members during the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as allowing us to give you 100% of our attention as we find the perfect addition to your art jewelry collection. 

How it works: 

Private Tours are conducted before the gallery is open to the public, allowing one-on-one time with our staff and collections. 

Video Chat Appointments are available for clients that wish to view handpicked selections from our gallery without leaving the comfort of their home or adjusting their busy schedule to travel to our gallery. 
Video Chat Appointments can be conducted over any mode of video chat as well as over text, email, or a simple phone call. 

Video Chat appointments are the perfect way to view a handpicked selection based on your style preferences without leaving the comfort of your home. This option can also be used if you're shopping for someone else.

In the event that person has shopped with us before, we will choose a collection based on that persons past purchases and give you the opportunity to view and purchase a perfect addition to their collection!

For both appointment types we send a short questionnaire for the client to fill out in order for us to identify what types of pieces they're looking for so we can handpick the selection beforehand.  

1. Book appointment time slot & fill out questionnaire 

2A. Video Chat during your time slot...


2B. ...Or come in for your Private Tour before we're open to the public!


We at Pistachios are very excited to offer these services for our clients as we feel these are necessary to keep our small business going and to support our artists as much as possible. Without support from you, our clients, none of our mission would be possible. We want to ensure absolute safety of our community while still promoting artful living. 

We're excited to see your faces when we reopen on November 27th for Black Friday! 






Use the link above to book your time slot now! 

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