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Now Open at 716 N Wabash Ave!

In November of 2021, Pistachios moved to our current location, 716 N Wabash Avenue. We're thrilled seeing all of our clients smiling faces and meeting all of our new neighbors. A close 5 block walk from our old location, we can't wait to see you in our new space!  

About Pistachios

Pistachios is a contemporary jewelry and objects gallery curating the most talented and cutting edge artists from around the world. For the past 30 years, we’ve made it our promise to bring you the best in innovative design and quality craftsmanship. What sets art jewelry apart is the studio practice and creative expression behind each piece. With no sacrifice to style, the attention given to every design we’ve curated remains timeless and design forward. We bring you an art experience that’s inviting, accessible and friendly. 
In 2021, Pistachios made the decision to run virtually, closing the downtown location until a new space was found. A two person team, Jessica and Isabella ran all operations at Pistachios. From exhibition curation to website upkeep and customer relations, they know the attention and care it takes to run a small business. 
In November of 2021, Pistachio's opened it's current location at 716 N Wabash ave. The new brick and mortar is only 5 short blocks from the old location and has twice the amount of space. When you use our website chat option, text us, or contact us in any way its always one of our team members that answers. 
Since then, we've been able to expand into the world of Permanent Jewelry with 'LOOPED' Permanent Jewelry at Pistachios. 
We couldn't be happier here at our new location and can't wait for you to step foot in this space for the first time. The difference is breath taking. 


About the team! 



Jessica has been a part of the Pistachios Team since the beginning of its transformation.  With a background in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Jessica curates Pistachio’s collection with a skillful eye and artful taste. Jessica is usually the one that you'll work with when you call the phone or use the chat button. She knows Pistachio's collection like the back of her hand and will always give a killer recommendation to anyone that asks. Her dedication to promoting an artful living is one that everyone can recognize. From hand-delivering pieces to our Chicago clientele, to making sure all of our artists are being treated fairly. Jessica is part of the heart and soul of Pistachios. 


Sophie joined the Pistachios team in November of 2021. She graduated from Columbia College with a BFA in Art and Art History. She has taken our social media to a whole new level, and is finally showing the virtual world what we're capable of. Her bright & friendly demeanor immediately makes you feel welcome in the gallery all the while she's picking out the perfect piece to complement your collections.


Meg joined the Pistachios team in May of 2022. She got her BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and her MA in Arts Administration and Policy from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She uses her background to curate our online store and create graphics for newsletters and marketing projects. When you work with Meg you're sure to be in good, cheerful spirits. 


Jillian joined the Pistachios team in August 2022.  She graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with her BFA in Metals and Jewelry design in May of 2022. Her close personal connection and passion for this craft gives her a special insight into each product. She currently merchandises our displays and is our Looped Permanent Jewelry welder! Jillians eye for jewelry will find your next high quality collection addition. 


Isabella was a part of the Pistachios Team for 4.5 years, and was an integral part in establishing Pistachios at our new location. She has since moved out of state but is still active in the contemporary art jewelry world. Isabella got her BFA in Fine Studio Art, giving her a cutting edge appreciation for fine craftsmanship and material manipulation. She promotes an appreciation for handmade jewelry and emphasizes how important investing your money in fine craftsmanship and small businesses is. 





We are always working to make sure Pistachios runs smoothly and that our customers have the best experience possible. This is a candid picture from a photo shoot with David Steinberg of Jessica and Isabella consulting with a client while on the shoot! 


"We just want our clients to know that we care about them finding the right piece of jewelry for them, and that requires a lot of attention and care. But we don't mind, we love what we do!"






*All photography credits on this page go to David Steinberg. Thank you for being a good friend and neighbor to our gallery.