Enter Our Raffle!

November 23, 2020

Enter Our Raffle!-Pistachios

We're hosting a raffle to celebrate reopening our River North location! To enter, all you need to do is send us a picture of a piece of jewelry purchased from Pistachios! The photo can be of the piece being worn, standing alone, or in the packaging it came in. We want to encourage our clients to share their Pistachios experience and their artful living. See below for more details and how to enter more than once!  

 There are many ways to apply! Each entry will enter your name an additional time with a maximum amount of 12 entries!  THE DEADLINE IS JANUARY 5th, 2020.
1. Email, text, or tag us in a photo of a piece of jewelry from Pistachios in your collection! This piece can be worn, standing alone, or the packaging it came in! Email: info@pistachiosonline.com | Text: (312) 929-6575 Tag: instagram @pistachiosjewelry | *Limit one photo per applicant
2. Review us on Yelp! *Limit one Yelp review per applicant
3. Review us on Google! *Limit one Google review per applicant
4. Tag two friends in a comment on any of our instagram posts! Each comment must be on a different post, with two different friends. *Limit five comments per applicant
5. Post a photo of jewelry purchased at Pistachios on our Google Business page! *Limit 4 photos per applicant
You must submit a photo (item #1) to be eligible for the other modes of entry. Limit 12 entries per applicant, must submit photo to before entering via other modes. By submitting a photo you agree to the possibility it may be reposted by the official Pistachios Instagram

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