Jessica Calderwood

July 28, 2021

Jessica Calderwood-Pistachios

Jessica Calderwood is one of seven artists featured in Pistachios Summer 2021 Exhibition 'Timeless Cure' 
Enamel is a technique dating back to the 18th century. These artists use a timeless craft to create contemporary pieces that connect materials through centuries. To shop the entire collection CLICK HERE
June 19th, 2021 - September 18th, 2021


Q: Where did you study Jewelry/Metalsmithing and when?

A: BFA Cleveland Institute of Art, MFA Arizona State University


Q: What inspires your work?

A: I am inspired by autobiography: life and my reactions to it. This particular series at Pistachios Gallery is an exploration in textures, colors and forms that were taken from my mixed media sculptures.


Q: What made you want to start making jewelry?

A: I never really wanted to make jewelry. I was interested in sculpture and painting and while taking a metal forming class at Penland, I was sort of peer-pressured into it. I later discovered that I loved the challenge of creating functional works for the body. Fifteen years later, it is still a core part of my studio practice to make large scale sculptures and small-scale jewelry forms that have a conversation with the non-functional work.


Q: What is your favorite process? Why that one over others?

A: Enameling has been a process that I have been fascinated with for my entire art career. It keeps me coming back in a way that no other process does. It has a wonderful range of possibilities in terms of color, surface, and durability. I love color.


Q: Who is your favorite artist/who do you wear?

A: I don't have one particular artist that I collect. I'm interested in everything, in terms of format and materials. When I'm at work, I like to wear a different brooch every day in order to spread the good word of art jewelry. I mostly acquire these through trades, but also like to buy work from emerging artists in order to be supportive of their careers.


Q: Is there an artist on your personal wishlist that you hope to own one day?

A: Jacqueline Ryan


Q: What is something you would want someone to know about your work that they might not know?

A: Nothing ever really goes as planned.


Q: When you're not making jewelry, what are you doing?

A: My garden has been a fierce competitor for my studio time lately. I'm on a mission to remove as much grass as possible from my yard. I'm getting there...slowly.


Jessica Calderwood

Yorktown, Indiana


To shop Jessica's collection, CLICK HERE 


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