Alicia Wyganowska

"WYGANOWSKI is a Polish family business which has been creating unique jewellery continuously since 1987. The strength of the brand stems from the history of the Family where art and creative passion have always been present.
Jan Jakub Wyganowski graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture at the prestigious Ecole de Beaux Arts in Algiers, and Alicja Wyganowska, the Faculty of Ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. They make their jewellery by hand, exclusively from noble materials such as silver, with attention to every last detail. As they use no semi-finished components, their original clasps are at the same time practical and decorative.
WYGANOWSKI jewellery is passion for creating, jewellery craftsmanship and exquisite simplicity, which gain recognition and appreciation all over the world. It is dedicated to modern women who appreciate classic and elegant style.
Love for luxury is what brings together the WYGANOWSKI brand and the most demanding customers."