Beverly Tadeu

"My metalsmithing journey began during my nomadic years living abroad, and it was the desire to form roots that initially shaped my work.  As I found home and place, I looked further to the delicate structures found in nature around me to inform my aesthetic. I endeavor to capture, with each of these sculptural pieces, certain elusive and contradicting qualities, rawness with opulence, fragility with strength."
" Beverly Tadeu’s artistic endeavors began with sculpture during her university years, and it is the ability to create miniature sculpture in the form of functional art that most intrigues the artist.  Torch in hand, she spends countless hours in her studio challenging herself to explore new creative designs and unique techniques.  Established in 2008, Beverly’s finely soldered art jewelry pieces are shown at leading craft shows and galleries across the country. Her work has been taken to SOFA and published in various art magazines and books, including “500 Silver Jewelry Pieces” and “Showcase: 500 Art Necklaces” by Lark Books.

Commitment to ethical jewelry production: I am committed to bringing you socially and environmentally responsible jewelry.  My metal supplier gets its sterling and gold materials from reclamation and recycling."

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