Daniel DiCaprio

Daniel DiCaprio
Lafayette, LA

Daniel DiCaprio is the Associate Professor of Metalwork and Jewelry at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Daniel received his MFA in Metal Design from East Carolina University and was trained as a goldsmith at Hoover and Strong in Richmond Virginia. He has taught workshops on wood carved jewellery throughout the United States. A few of these include; Indiana University, University of North Texas, Virginia Commonwealth University, East Carolina University, Penland School of Craft, and Haystack Mountain School. Daniel is represented by Charon Kransen Arts in New York City and Bilk Gallery in Australia. He has exhibited work at Sculptural Objects Functional Art (SOFA) in Chicago annually since 2008. His work has also been exhibited internationally in the United States, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Japan, Korea, and China.

My work is an exploration of transitional moments. The process of adaptation and evolution informs my practice by highlighting the instant when something is forced to change. I seek to emphasize this moment of intersection in particular and maximize the tension it creates. Referencing what we are and where we came from, the pieces are created to articulate the tenuous balance between survival and destruction that all life forms maintain in the world.



Daniel was featured in Pistachio's autumn 2021 exhibition 'Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones' alongside Hilary FinckKate Furman, Joanna GollbergAnna Johnson, Carin Jones, and Robert Thomas Mullen.