Danni Xu

Danni Xu
Somerville, MA


Artist Statement

I draw upon the stories of people who have experienced nostalgia to identify a sense of belonging to home. I create familiar objects specific to the stories of diasporic peoples to establish a connection between myself and the viewer or wearer, even when I am not present. As a former hotelier adept at initiating conversation, the goal of this work is to serve as a communication mediator, a way to find mutual interests among people in a proactive way.


Danni Xu received her MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design in June 2021. She holds a BFA degree in Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design, and a B.S. degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management from Indiana University Bloomington. She completed a one-year residency at Metalsmithing, Jewelry & Glass department at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago in 2019. Her current research work focuses on the potential connection that jewelry could build across time and space and examines the methodology of how to project specific emotion such as nostalgia through wearing or viewing in the jewelry format.   


Danni was featured in Pistachio's Summer 2021 exhibition 'Timeless Cure' alongside Jessica Calderwood, Tanya Crane, Jenne Rayburn, Myriam Saavedra, and Sandra Salaices