Earrings Galore at Pistachios

July 27 - September 10, 2023 

Opening Reception: July 27th, 4pm - 7pm

"Earrings Galore, [Heidi Lowe's] signature annual juried exhibition, is a rich and diverse array of earrings made by emerging and established studio jewelers. Each artist’s unique approach to the earring format will be represented in a cohesive grouping of earrings. The exhibition is intended to create more access for the public to see art jewelry, cultivate connections with the community and provide an opportunity for visitors to add new pieces to their jewelry collections.

The Earrings Galore Exhibition is a perfect manifestation of the intention of the gallery. The show is very accessible; because of the wide variety of designs and price range, everyone can find a pair of earrings one likes, whether one is new to art jewelry or a seasoned collector. It’s easy to recognize the diversity in the creative approaches and artistic voices when artists’ work is in the same jewelry format, exhibited side by side. All the work in the exhibition is handmade with thoughtfulness, attention to detail and its functionality considered. It is also a sampling representative of ideas, themes, materials and formal qualities being explored by artists in the art field as a whole."


Participating artists in 2023

Adam Atkinson • Angela Bubash •  Ashley Buchanan • Ausra Bankauskaite • Ayala Naphtali • Caroline  Gore • Claire Webb • Constanza Nolé • Corey Drew • Danielle Attoe • Dongyi Wu • Donna Veverka • Elizabeth Walton • Emily Lewis • Emily Rogstad • Erica Bello • Erika Novak • Jenne Rayburn • Jennifer Moore • Jess Sprunger • Jim Cotter • Jina Seo • Kamile Staneliene • Karen Karon • Margaux Lange • Marianne Anderson • Mary Raivel • Morgan  Hill • Nikki  Couppee • Olga Marques • Olivia Rosenberger • Sandra Enterline • Sarah Chapman • Seth Papac • Sharon Massey • Stacey Lee Webber • Taylor Fentz • Tracy Steepy • Vershali Jain • Ye-Jee Lee