Everett Hoffman

Everett Hoffman

Richmond, VA

"Soft Stone is a collection of jewelry composed of vintage rhinestones set in steel, and titanium exploring the tedious and sometimes precise process of stone setting. Trapping the soft glass rhinestones in steel and titanium is an almost Sisyphean attempt of patience — an act exploring how we preserve what is precious. Recreating version of their baroque brethren I am constantly attempting to find where the original lay in the simulacrum of costume jewelry, searching for an original that doesn’t quite exist in the mimicry of precious gemstones and metal.

Everett Hoffman was born and raised in Southwest Idaho surrounded by suburbs and farming towns. Through his practice he examines everyday material debris reconstructed within the complex and often contradictory narratives of identity, gender, and sexual desire. A cross disciplinary artist Everett uses found material and object to create installations, and objects of adornment. He graduated with a BFA in Jewelry and Metals from Boise State University 2013, and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University 2018. Everett has participated in a number of residencies including a yearlong residency at Arrowmont School of Art and Craft, and 2019 fall artist in resident at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. His work has been included in exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally including; Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, VA; Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA; Soil Gallery, Seattle, WA; and the Benaki Museum in Athens Greece."

Everett's work is featured in Pistachio's Spring 2020 Exhibition: Peculiar Settings. 

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