Francesca Vitali

" I began my journey in the jewelry design after having already started a career as a chemist. In my vision, art and chemistry have found an intersection point in the alchemy of paper jewelry. In ancient times, alchemists have been ambitiously trying to convert common matter into gold. Sharing this grand aspiration, I strive to transform paper, a humble and ordinary material, into precious objects.
Paper itself is a product of an incredible transformation: a delicate element derived from a sturdy and rough material like wood. My alchemy continues this transformation process, catalyzing the subsequent metamorphosis, and revealing the dignified essence of this fascinating element. Paper crosses our everyday life continuously and in multiple forms: magazines, maps, shopping bags…I love to manipulate refined, vintage and handmade paper, but many of my creations are intentionally made out of used paper from these and other sources. I enjoy the idea that fragments of someone live will remain trapped in my paper jewelry.
In my most recent work, I have made the conscious choice to stop working in combination with ‘more precious material’ in order to give my work a higher perceived value. I have come to the conclusion that my craftsmanship, my minimalist design aesthetic and my sense of color should be the only three elements that can achieve that alchemy I have always tried to reach."
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