House of Marbles

House of Marbles / Teign Valley Glass
"The glassworks was set up in Teignmouth, Devon, England in 1981 to make specialist handmade marbles for House of Marbles.The aim was to reproduce the specialist techniques of Victorian glass makers. Our first glassblowers brought generations of skill and experience from some of Britain’s leading glass houses – Whitefriars, Stuart Crystal, Galway and Cumbria Crystal to name but a few. It soon became clear that our team had the skills to make so much more than marbles and Teign Valley Glass was born as a separate enterprise. We now make a wide selection of beautiful glassware and supply galleries and stores across the world.Since its inception Teign Valley Glass has been producing stylish and collectable glassware. The work captures the essence of our location in the South West of England and I am inspired by the stunning moors and beaches I see everyday. My signature series will expand and continue to be influenced by my love of the coast. Each piece of work is signed with the studio
name, makers mark and the title of the piece."