Melinda Risk

Melinda Risk


My work has evolved into tiny creations that can be worn as jewelry, though sometimes the delicacy means only when you are relaxing on your throne. I am like a sponge absorbing all things good, bad and unusual that are then filtered through my thoughts to become a tangible, archival jewel. 

My work is a combination of many different techniques that I have acquired either learning from others or self-taught with much experimentation. I enjoy the challenge of having a story to tell and then learning new techniques to create the vision.  My childhood memories are of making things and when I attended Kent State University, I had the opportunity to explore many different mediums and I chose metals. Over the years I have been adding different materials to my work so it often resembles sculpture and the wearable part is secondary. My work is covered in details all around and underneath with secrets for the wearer that can be shared if they choose. Creating is my form of mediation and I put all that I have into each Jewel.

My techniques include carving, casting, fabricating, granulation, painting and more. The materials I use include gold, silver, copper, bronze, diamonds, gemstones, porcelain, wood, bone, paint and glass. I create each piece myself from beginning to end in my studio.

Melinda Risk is featured in our Summer 2023 exhibition, Between Realms, alongside Seth Michael Carlson and Jessica Calderwood. Click here to see the entire exhibition.