Monique Rancourt

Monique Rancourt

Monique Rancourt is a contemporary Jewelry Artist and Gallery Owner living and working at Lincoln Studios in Waltham, MA Since 2012.

Monique received her BFA with a focus in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA. Over the years Monique has designed and fabricated a collection of jewelry that has been exhibited in galleries and at festivals across the country.

In 2015 Monique created her dream work-space and show room on the first level of Lincoln Studios on Moody Street in Waltham, Monique Rancourt Jewelry Studio and Artisan Gallery. The space is a hybrid studio/gallery where she showcases her work as well as other fine craft artists work from across the country. 

Monique thinks of her jewelry as sculpture for the body and taps into her love of the traditional adornment of Africa and Eurasia. Monique wants to create dynamic, contemporary forms that feel uniquely powerful and inspiring to the individual wearer. Combining traditional metalsmithing techniques in precious metals with natural stones and leather. Her completed pieces create an alchemy of pattern, texture, and fragments of memory that call to mind the transformation of nature over time. Intricate groups of repeated elements that shift in size create an overall organic composition, while detailed textures reward closer inspection. These repeated forms build up to a larger scale and a more dramatic impact to establish an urban, contemporary edge.

When Monique isn’t working in her studio on Moody St, you can often find her exploring nature with her furry friend and shop dog Georgia.

Monique was one of the featured artists in Shauna Burke's 'Plan B Art Project' and was selected to show an expanded body of work in Pistachio's Autumn 2022 exhibition 'Opulent Compositions' alongside Shauna's traveling exhibition.