New Years!

2021 has brought us some of the greatest changes that our small business has ever faced. From closing our 25 year old location without a new location to move into, to finding our new home at 716 N Wabash and doubling our team size. After everything we’ve been through, we know we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for an amazing 2021 and heres to an even better 2022!
Happy New Year!
-The Pistachios Team

Single Diamond Ring

Yasuko Azuma


    Crocheted Pod Drops

    Sowon Joo


      Fortune Ring

      Christina Grace


        ROYGBIV Necklace

        Joanna Gollberg


          ROYGBIV Bracelet

          Joanna Gollberg


            Warm Toned Bead Choker

            Reinhard Gremli


              Crocheted Statement Collar

              Sowon Joo


                Turquoise Lariat Necklace

                Bernd Wolf


                  Pearl Starburst Drops

                  Emi Nakamura


                    Gold Vortex Earrings

                    Annie Dimadi


                      Gold/Oxidized silver cat tail earrings
                      Gold/Oxidized silver cat tail earrings

                      Pawel Kaczynski

                      $276.25 $425.00

                        Black and Gold Drop Hoops

                        Heejin Hwang


                          Beaded Gypsy Hoops - Black
                          Beaded Gypsy Hoops - Black

                          Milena Zuliani

                          $112.50 $225.00

                            Little Stacks Necklace

                            Emily Rogstad


                              Gold Entangled Necklace

                              Arek Wolski