Olivia Shih

"I make jewelry for decisive women who speak their own minds. Navigate the challenges of modern life with unrivaled cool. Think bold. Stay inquisitive."

                                                                                                                                                  -Olivia Shih

"For Women, By Woman

Olivia Shih is a woman-run business inspired by women who dare to strike out and make their mark on the world.  Made in Oakland, California, each piece of jewelry is hand sculpted to draw out the texture of your life. 

The Beginning

​Olivia's eponymous jewelry brand came from a desire to transform acrylic cut-outs she rescued from the waste bin at art school. She had no idea what to do with them, but she saw potential where others didn't.

When she stumbled across the image of an iceberg that had flipped upside-down, she knew exactly what to do—she wanted to capture the starkness of the deep sea-green iceberg. The iceberg looked naked without its blanket of snow but  remained defiant despite its vulnerability.

Olivia's exploration into this paradoxical combination of vulnerability and strength led to her acrylic jewelry collection Black Gold. 

​Ethical Metalsmithing

As an advocate of conscious consumption and conscious making, a
ll Olivia Shih collections feature eco-conscious and locally sourced materials when possible."
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