Summer Style 2021

What better way to celebrate beautiful weather and good times than with colorful handmade jewelry! 
Shop our Summer Style 2021 collection below! 

Silver and PVC Cluster Earrings

Malgosia Kalinska


    XL Blue Circle Earrings

    Christy Klug


      Yellow Axis Fiber Earrings

      Myung Urso


        3D Architectural Bracelet

        Emilie Pritchard


          Lace Agate Ring

          Heather Guidero


            Chalcedony Ring - Large

            Heather Guidero


              Gold Ellipse Earrings

              Gilly Langton


                Pop Art 3 Tier Drop Earrings

                Jennifer Merchant


                  Multi Color Pinwheel Brooch

                  Emilie Pritchard


                    Labradorite Crown Ring

                    Heather Guidero


                      Gold Link Druzy Flare Earrings

                      Emily Rogstad


                        Fuscia Circle Hoops

                        Myung Urso


                          Colorful Vivid Necklace

                          Mia kwon


                            'U a Bish' - Teal

                            Barbara Stellmach