The Strength It Takes To Be Alone

April 4, 2024 - May 26, 2024
Reception: April 12, 4pm - 7pm

At the core of Yong Joo Kim’s sculptural art practice lies her unique method of applying pressure and weight to her chosen material. This technique not only visualizes the invisible sense of pressure and weight she feels, but also becomes a transformative method of creation, shaping forms that are unpredictable even to her, thus truly creative.
Just as mountains and valleys are residues of nature under pressure and weight, the exhibition showcases works of art that are residues of an artist under pressure and weight. Through the understated beauty of their final form, the work presented also celebrates the often neglected beauty found in the efforts we all make to persevere despite the struggles we experience in our lives.

In the embrace of her art, Yong Joo Kim wishes us all to find solace, personal connection, and inspiration, reminding us that, in the face of challenges, we are never truly alone.