Read Below for information on our various services we offer while we are operating as a virtual gallery while we look for a new location!


Video Chat Appointments are available for clients that wish to view handpicked selections from our gallery without leaving the comfort of their home.

Video Chat Appointments can be conducted over any mode of video chat as well as over text, email, or a simple phone call. 




Why Book?

Video Chat appointments are the perfect way to view a handpicked selection based on your style preferences without leaving the comfort of your home. This option can also be used if you're shopping for someone else.

In the event that person has shopped with us before, we will choose a collection based on that persons past purchases and give you the opportunity to view and purchase a perfect addition to their collection!


How it Works

1) Contact us via text, call, or email to schedule your video chat appointment. (312) 929-6575 or

2) We'll follow up via email with a personal style survey, as well as scheduling options. Choose your appointment date and time and take our quick personal style survey. Can't find a listed appointment time that works? We're happy to work with you to schedule an alternate date. 


3)  Dial in for a 30 minute session with your stylist, who will discuss options, make expert suggestions, and model pieces to help you choose the perfect one-of-a-kind piece for you or your loved one. 

4) Love something? Go ahead and treat yourself!  Purchases can be made directly over the phone or on video chat! 




  1. What happens if I have to re-schedule?

If you are unable to make your original appointment, simply let us know 24 hours or more in advance and we would be happy to re-schedule for a better time. Please note that cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance cannot be refunded or re-scheduled.

2) What if I don’t have access to video chat?

No problem! We’re happy to work over email, text and phone to provide the same great styling service.

3) What if I don’t find anything I like during our session?

Schedule another appointment with us for the future! We are always getting in new work, and much of it never makes it online. We’re confident that next time we’ll find you the perfect one-of-a-kind piece.

4) How do returns work?

Our regular return policy applies - simply let us know within 15 days of receiving the item via phone or email that you would like to return the piece and ship it back to our gallery. We accept returns for exchange or store credit only; store credit is valid for a full year from the return.

5) What if I’m purchasing a gift for someone?

We will make a note of the gifting date on the receipt and accept a return/exchange 15 days from that date.

6) What if I need more time after my session is up?

Provided there is no appointment directly after you, we are happy to schedule additional appointment time in 15 minute intervals. This is flexible dependent on the stylists and clients schedules. 



Curbside Pick Up is available for clients that prefer to pick up their piece in person and waive their shipping fee. Pick-up will take place at our gallery at 716 N Wabash during business hours. 

This service is meant to make gift buying easier and more accessible to our local clients and is a free service. 




We understand the need to remain cautious in our ever transitional world. We're open for private gallery appointments upon request, and at the discretion of our gallery director. More often than not, private appointments will take place outside of open gallery hours (before we open or after we close to the public). Please contact us at if you would like to schedule a private appointment at our gallery.