Christina Grace

Christina Grace
Los Angeles, CA


About the Artist:

Christina Grace is the Founder and Designer of TIN HAUS, a contemporary fine jewelry brand based in Los Angeles. With a core mission for sustainability, Christina blends her educational and fine arts background to inform the technical side of her designs. In 2016, TIN HAUS began displaying select custom pieces at art exhibitions throughout Southern California. After winning awards for her contemporary work, Christina launched her debut jewelry collection by 2018. Through word-of-mouth and grassroots efforts, TIN HAUS has slowly built a solid reputation and have appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Tatler, and has been endorsed by public figures as well. The artist is a GIA Graduate Jeweler and is, now, a senior earning her bachelor’s degree in Metals and Business from CSU Long Beach. Recently, Christina Grace won the 15th Annual Halstead Grant which is a prestigious award for emerging jewelry designers nationwide.



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Christina was featured in Pistachio's Spring 2021 Exhibition 'Built to Last' alongside Shauna Burke, Luana Coonen, Shaya Durbin Niki Grandics, Karin Jacobson, and Kate Maller.