ROYGBIV Necklace

Joanna Gollberg


This one of a kind necklace successfully has all the colors of the rainbow! Each link is separated by color. Faceted rose cut, cabochons, and raw stones flow through out this necklace and consist of rough ruby, lab-grown ruby, garnet, carnelian, sunstone, peach moonstone, serpentine, tourmaline, citrine, agate, peridot, amazonite, apatite, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, London blue topaz, amethyst. 

Approximately 21" in length, with each stone link being approximately .5"-.75" with full stone length at 9"

This Necklace is on view as a part of "Sticks and Stones & Broken Bones", our autumn exhibition celebrates contemporary artists that aren't afraid to push limits by moving away from classic designs and towards recognizable imagery and materials. CLICK HERE to view the rest of the work from the exhibition.