Emilie Pritchard


Panama City, FL 

I am a self-taught artist. My academic training was as a lawyer (University of Chicago law School, class of 1974). After practicing law for a year or so my husband and I moved onto a sailboat and headed south. A year later we were in the sailboat business in Panama City, FL, and we ran that business for 40 years.

My explorations into craft began with weaving. I focused on rugweaving, creating geometric designs in a flat medium. Around 2006 I started playing around with beading and was struck by the possibilities for 3D geometry. I started with glass seed beads, as one generally does, but I gradually realized that longer beads showed off the structural nature of my work better. The beads kept getting longer and narrower, till now I cut my own tubes of sterling silver and other metals, and I build chains of polyhedrons which form jewelry. I continue my explorations in that vein, pushing my limits and having great fun along the way.


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Emilie was featured in Pistachios Summer 2021 exhibition 'Form and Function' alongside Melis AgabigumMelissa FinelliMia KwonMichal LandoJennifer MerchantNatasha Miller, and Myung Urso

3-D Cage Earrings - Carnelian

Emilie Pritchard


    3D Cage Bracelet - Oxi/Carnelian

    Emilie Pritchard


      3D Cage Necklace - Oxi

      Emilie Pritchard


        3D Architectural Bracelet

        Emilie Pritchard