Melis Agabigum



Melis Agabigum is an educator and studio artist from Michigan. She received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Intermedia: Jewelry/Metals, Installation art, Sculpture, and Fibers, and received her BFA in Art&Design from the University of Michigan. She has taught Jewelry, Sculpture, and 3D Fabrication courses at the University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Boise State University, and San Francisco State University. At present, Melis is the area head of Jewelry/Metals & 3D Fabrication at Earlham College. 

Provoked by an interest in material fiction, Melis’ work examines desire, loss, repetition, and the notion of burden that individuals carry from their relationships. Her soft sculptures explore the unseen tether of the physical and emotional weights that affect individuals in how they perceive their connection to others, their bodies, and space. Her work has been shown at the national and international level in the United States, Canada, Australia, Greece, Turkey, France, Portugal, Hungary, England, Romania, Spain, China, and Lithuania. Melis is an active contributor to Art Jewelry Forum.



Melis was featured in Pistachios Summer 2021 exhibition 'Form and Function' alongside Melissa Finelli, Mia Kwon, Michal Lando, Jennifer Merchant, Natasha Miller, Emilie Pritchard, and Myung Urso