Mia Kwon




The origin of my creative process, was the desire to change the way people see porcelain jewelry, by creating beautiful and surprising fashion objects. While I am using some established techniques like slip casting, I mix them in new ways, sewing the very light elements together for the larger dynamic pieces, as well as polishing them intensely to give them a super slick surface. I also combine them with my metal smith abilities and add new techniques, like the layered casting, to create the unique color patterns. I hope for creating a fresh, contemporary perspective onto porcelain jewelry, bending the perception of the audience for what porcelain is and can do. My jewelry shall be a bright spot of surprise in the owner’s life, a little piece that can help make a given day a little bit better. For this I consider every part of my jewelry to be part of the experience, from the visuals, to touching the surface, to even the sound of the moving elements.


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Mia was featured in Pistachios Summer 2021 exhibition 'Form and Function' alongside Melis AgabigumMelissa FinelliMichal LandoJennifer MerchantNatasha Miller, Emilie Pritchard, and Myung Urso