Katerina Pimenidu

"The metals used for the jewellry are either recycled or Certified Fairtrade. All the pearls from my collections come either form farms that follow sustainable ways of production or from small, family run ones. More specifically, the round Tahitian pearls come from an organic farm in Tahaa island in French Polynesia, the keshis and baroques come from a small family run pearl farm in the amazing island Manihiki, in The Cook Islands and the freshwater ones fly to me directly from a family farm that has been in the pearl business for more than 20 years and they are located the city of Shanxziahu in China. I strongly believe that ethical processes and slow methods will soon become the only way we approach production, consumption and life. Only by respecting each other and by supporting the small and local we can grow a bigger future. "


 Handmade in the Netherlands