Nóra Tengely

Nóra Tengely


I am Nóra Tengely, jewelry designer based in Budapest, specialising in unique or limited edition jewelry.  My artistic attitude stems from the reinterpretation of objects, the analysis of and the use of new  approaches to commonly used materials or functions, which led me to the concept of alternative chain  use as well. I stiffen and align silver chains to create my objects. The alignment of the chain links  represent continuity, the sense of belonging, predictability, the attachment to people, places, plans or  to life itself for me. I find the chain link a very strong life symbol. 

While fine chains knot up and tangle due to their flexibility, my stiffened chain links behave  conversely. I modify the fundamental function of mechanical chains by stiffening them and adding  new characteristics to them. The chain links soldered to each other form a strong, self-supporting  basic element that enables me to create various spatial structures. In the case of my first, jewel-sized  works, I focused on the creation of illusions and the conversion from flexibility to alignment. Later  the aligned elements led to a disc-like surface, which did not only bear playful aesthetics, but also  enabled me to experiment with various stone setting methods. With objects of such surfaces I aimed  to demonstrate how functional material use replaces aesthetics. My latest pieces include large chain  links, which create an entirely new visual world and provide new meanings to the objects.  

I have been working with different chains for more than eight years, and I consider a chain more a  theme than only a material. The anchor chain is fundamentally the archetype of chains themselves, it  lacks decorative elements, is pure and functional. I feel inexplicably attached to this structure, which  triggers a continuously changing working process. The works are maturing, deepening together with  me. I view the chain itself as a limitless horizon that lacks starting or ending points. It is the infinity of  connection points offering boundless possibilities for continuation.

Nora was featured in Pistachio's winter 2021 exhibition 'Reinventing the Pearl' alongside Kelly Jean Conroy, Brooke Marks-SwansonKaterina PimeniduRho Tang, and Billie Theide