Mini Must-Haves

April, 2021
Ok, it's a bit obvious that Jessica and myself are biased towards larger jewelry. But that doesn't mean we don't wear mini accent pieces as well! The following are our favorite mini pieces in our gallery. Shop below! 
All pieces handpicked by Jessica and Isabella 
Make sure you visit the artists' pages as well! Most of the artists below have many mini options! 

Mini Silver Huggie Hoops

Erich Durrer


    Carved Studs - Dendritic Opal

    Heather Guidero


      Diamond Star Pendant

      Luana Coonen


        Mini Gold Four-Link Earrings

        Emily Rogstad


          Silver & Diamond Ring

          DPT Werks


            Mini Murmur Studs
            Sold out
            Mini Murmur Studs

            Emmeline Hastings


              Geometric Oxi Depth Posts

              Emily Rogstad


                Mini Gold Three-Link Earrings

                Emily Rogstad


                  Mini Black Caviar Studs

                  Jessica Armstrong


                    Mini Amethyst Studs

                    Susanne Kern


                      Mini Amethyst Hooks

                      Susanne Kern


                        4 Petal Mini Brooch

                        Emily Rogstad


                          Mini 18k Triangle Studs

                          Heather Guidero


                            Carved Studs - Larimer

                            Heather Guidero


                              Circle Bunches Necklace - Short

                              Heather Guidero


                                18k Line Studs - Small

                                Heather Guidero


                                  Mini Circle Twist Studs

                                  Manuela Carl