Gallery Exhibitions & Events

Current Exhibition

Time and Again

May 30th, 2024 - August 18th, 2024


This exhibition features work from Elisa Bongfeldt, So Young Park, and Emily Rogstad. Each artists' creative practice involves repetition, a deliberately labor-intensive process where smaller elements of each design are made over and over again by hand to build a larger, unified piece. Obviously time consuming, this exhibition aims to highlight and celebrate the incredible craftsmanship each artist boasts. 

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Upcoming Events

From the Garden, From the Grave

August 22nd, 2024 - November 10th, 2024


Featuring work from Kelly Jean Conroy, Carin Jones and Meghan Schmeidel, this exhibition addresses the dichotomy of life and death.
Can death be beautiful? Challenging the notion that death can only be melancholy and not something exquisite, the work in this show will include imagery of plant life and animals in all stages. On one hand, we have blossoming flowers, birds flying and lively insects. And on the other, we have the macabre, with imagery that confronts death. The aim is to illustrate how multi-faceted death is. It can be poetic, even sublime, and at the very same time, bleak and depressing. 

Past Exhibitions + Events

The Strength It Takes To Be Alone

April 4, 2024 - May 26, 2024

Reception: April 12, 4pm - 7pm


At the core of Yong Joo Kim’s sculptural art practice lies her unique method of applying pressure and weight to her chosen material. This technique not only visualizes the invisible sense of pressure and weight she feels, but also becomes a transformative method of creation, shaping forms that are unpredictable even to her, thus truly creative.
Just as mountains and valleys are residues of nature under pressure and weight, the exhibition showcases works of art that are residues of an artist under pressure and weight. Through the understated beauty of their final form, the work presented also celebrates the often neglected beauty found in the efforts we all make to persevere despite the struggles we experience in our lives.

In the embrace of her art, Yong Joo Kim wishes us all to find solace, personal connection, and inspiration, reminding us that, in the face of challenges, we are never truly alone.
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Uncommon Threads

 January 18, 2024 - March 31, 2024

Reception: March 28, 4pm - 7pm


Uncommon Threads is an exhibition featuring work from Gilly Langton, Brooke Marks-Swanson and Myung Urso. Each artist transforms and reinvents fabric to create one-of-a-kind, wearable artworks. And in doing so, quite literally weaves the history of textiles and fiber arts into contemporary art jewelry. All three artists are renowned for their craftsmanship, and have their work in numerous museums around the world.
Join us for the reception on March 28th in our River North gallery to celebrate the exhibition! This is a fabulous opportunity to meet the artists behind the work and enjoy light refreshments.

Valentine's Day Event

February 10, 2024

To celebrate love, we are offering $10 off permanent jewelry! Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and get a custom fit bracelet to match your partner or your gal pals.  

What is permanent jewelry? Sterling silver, gold fill, and 14k solid gold chains are custom fit to your wrist size and then welded together, so they never come off (unless you want them to, of course). 

Heather Guidero: Conversation Pieces

A Solo Exhibition

November 16, 2023 - January 14, 2024

Reception: December 9th 2023, 2pm - 5pm

Heather Guidero joins us in person from December 7th through the 9th from 12pm to 5pm each day! The graphic lines, textures, and patterns of her work are inspired by elements of modernist design, fashion, and urban architecture translated into ethically-sourced gold and silver. Innately wearable, Heather’s collection boldly accentuates your personal style. Her considerations of natural movement enable the jewelry to come alive when worn.

Material Revolution II 

September 14th 2023 – November 12th 2023 

Opening Reception: September 14th, 2023, 4pm - 7pm

Material Revolution was first dreamt of in 2019 and featured 7 international artists all working in alternative materials. This year, we're showcasing three artists that  explore non-traditional materials in contemporary jewelry while utilizing color and texture. Eunseok Han, Asami Watanabe and Naoko Yoshizawa will show innovative pieces alongside their wearable counterparts. 

Earrings Galore

July 27th 2023 - September 10th 2023

Opening Reception: July 27th, 2023, 4pm - 7pm

Earrings Galore is a traveling exhibition founded and curated by Heidi Lowe.  The show is very accessible; because of the wide variety of designs and price range, everyone can find a pair of earrings one likes, whether one is new to art jewelry or a seasoned collector.

Click here to learn more about Heidi Lowe + Earrings Galore

Between Realms 

May 11th 2023 – July 23rd 2023

Reception: May 18th, 4pm - 7pm

Pistachios has chosen three contemporary jewelry artists that use imaginative and representational imagery within their pieces to create work that is playful and whimsical. Turning recognizable forms into wearable sculptures, these artists blur the lines between figurative and abstract.  

Jessica Calderwood, Seth Michael Carlson and Melinda Risk

Nicole Jacquard: Stories from Scotland

A Solo Exhibition

April 6th 2023 – May 7th 2023

Reception: May 4th, 4pm - 7pm

Nicole joins us for a solo exhibition featuring five pieces. Each piece is comprised of an enamel frame encompassing a laser etched piece of mica. This is then set forward in front of a graphic print so that the light passes through the mica and creates a moving story. Nicole uses augmented reality to tell a story through these pieces, allowing the user to use their phone to view videos and an entirely new perspective on her work. 

Pistachios Artist Series III

January 20th, 2023 – April 2nd, 2023
Closing Reception: April 1st, 2023, 3pm - 5pm
Pistachios has hand selected three artists from our permanent collection to showcase a variety of styles present in our gallery. 
Click on each artist's icon to be brought to their collection, and shop the entire exhibition below! 

Get 'Looped' - Permanent Jewelry at Pistachios! 

February 11th + 14th, 12p - 5p

Join us for our TWO DAY EVENT where we will be taking walk-in appointments for Looped Permanent Jewelry! 

Bring your special someone to commemorate this valentines day with a custom fit, forever bracelet. Enjoy a glass of champagne while you pick from our over 25 different chain options.

*please note: while we are taking walk-ins, we highly encourage clients to schedule appointments to secure a spot in our event.


Touch of Gold 

October 27th – January 15th 
Opening Reception: October 27th, 4 – 7p 

Who doesn't love a little shimmer and shine around the holidays? We've selected five artists that show just that. Each piece has a touch of gold that elevates and completes the piece. 


Nicolette Absil, Karin Jacobson, Sarah Pulvertaft, Emily Rogstad, Hiromi Suter 


Elizabeth Garvin Trunk Show

December 1st – 4th, 2022

Elizabeth Garvin has been with Pistachios for years. From SOFA to being a permanent installation, we're thrilled to host Elizabeth's extended collection in our trunk show in December. 

Elizabeth will join us in person so mark your calendars! 

Heather Guidero Trunk Show

November 3rd – 6th, 2022

Heather Guidero joins Pistachios for an autumn trunk show! She'll be in the gallery in person throughout the weekend to talk about her extensive collection. In town for SOFA? Stop by our gallery for even more contemporary art jewelry! 

Stop by to meet Heather in person!

Biba Schutz Trunk Show

October 27th – 30th 

Biba Schutz sends us an extended collection for one week only

Hilary Finck Trunk Show

October 13th – 16th, 2022

Hilary Finck joins Pistachios for an autumn trunk show! She'll be in the gallery in person throughout the weekend to talk about her extensive collection. 

Stop by Friday and Saturday from 2-4 to meet Hilary in person!


Opulent Compositions 
August 11th 2022 – October 23rd 2022

CLOSING RECEPTION: October 22nd, 3p-5p

Shauna Burke curated a traveling exhibition 'Plan B' featuring artists from all around the country. As a compliment to the traveling show, we've selected 5 artists from the line up to send larger bodies of work to showcase alongside their vessels. 

Featuring work by Rachel Atherley, Belle Brooke, Ashley Buchanan, Shauna Burke, Joanna Gollberg, Monique Rancourt, and Liaung-Chung Yen

Plan B Art Project  

August 11th 2022 – September 18th 2022 

Shauna Burke curated a traveling exhibition 'Plan B' featuring artists from all around the country. She has given them an amphora vessel to adorn in their handcrafted embellishments. 


Click here to RSVP for the opening reception!


From These Hands
June 2nd 2022 – August 7th 2022

Traditional jewelry making is a metal based practice, and we pride ourselves on the cutting edge, contemporary craftsmanship of our artists. We've selected four artists that we feel exemplify unique modes of metalsmithing and jewelry making. Xinia Guan, Jeong Ju Lee, So Young Park and Joanne Thompson represent the next wave of metal. 


Luana Coonen Trunk Show

June 24th  – June 26th 2022

Luana Coonen will be joining us in person at Pistachios and bringing a larger than life collection with her! Luana will be in the gallery throughout open hours. 

Stop by on Friday and Saturday from 2-4 to meet Luana in person! 

Pistachios Artist Series II 
March 12th 2022 - May 29th 2022

We've hand-selected four artists to exemplify the many talents you may see in our gallery. Featuring work by Elisa Bongfeldt, Emanuela DucaMałgosia Kalińska, and Judith Neugebauer

Stop by our opening reception on Saturday March 12th from 3p – 5p for light refreshments. 

Pistachios Artist Series I 

January 20th 2022 – March 6th 2022

We've hand selected four artists to exemplify the many talents you may see in our gallery. Featuring work by Lisa Crowder, Heather Guidero, Aimee Petkus, and Samantha Skelton. 

Stop by our opening reception on Saturday January 22nd from 3p – 5p

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From Virtual to Reality

November 2021 – January 2022

In celebration of reopening our new location, we're bringing all of our virtual exhibitions to a physical showcase.

Artists from 'Built to Last', 'Form & Function', 'Timeless Cure', 'Sticks and Stones & Broken Bones', and 'Reinventing the Pearl'.

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Heather Guidero Trunk Show

December 10th – 12th 

We're thrilled to be hosting a large collection of Heather Guidero's work for one weekend only! Not only will we be presenting work that won't be available on our online store, but she's taking most of it with her when the event is over! Don't miss this chance to meet the one and only Heather Guidero at our gallery! During open gallery hours. 

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Grand Reopening

November 20th, 5P – 8P

We're so glad to be back! After many months of operating virtually, Pistachios has a brick and mortar once more! Celebrate with us and enjoy some light refreshments while trying on unique, handmade jewelry and chatting with the Pistachios Team. 

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*All refreshments will be individually packaged to maintain Covid safety precautions. All staff will be masked the entirety of the opening, and surfaces will be sanitized before and after event. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

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