Sarah Pulvertaft

Sarah Pulvertaft

Sarah uses traditional techniques to create jewellery in silver and gold. She draws inspiration from many sources, including the rural environment that surrounds her where she lives and works.

She is fascinated by repetition in nature, where forms are the
same but minutely different and by the meditative quality of the mass of elements in, for example, a field of wheat, or the boughs of a tree.

Trying to capture the essence of this fascination, she uses repeated and articulating elements as recurrent themes in her work, creating gently undulating surfaces and unusual, sometimes unruly forms.

Sarah’s fascination with kinetic jewellery began when she studied at Sydney College of the Arts where she was introduced to the work of European designers of the 1960s and ‘70s. She incorporates movement wherever possible in her jewellery, creating elements of surprise and playfulness.


Sarah was featured in Pistachio's Winter 2022 'Touch of Gold' exhibition alongside Nicolette Absil, Karin JacobsonEmily Rogstad and Hiromi Suter